Dragon and Phoenix

This one's based on tattoos: Roger has a dragon and Maria has a phoenix. The cake is topped with white sugar orchids and ivory centered, white calla lilies. Made of wire and sugar, a dragon tail wraps around the cake and a phoenix tail drapes from the top of the cake.

Delivered: October 7, 2012


Jujitsu Belts

Diana and Ben asked us to create a groom's cake to go alongside the cake being provided by their wedding venue. At the time, Diana was a brown belt in jujitsu and Ben was a blue belt in Brazilian jujitsu. Made with sugar are the belts and calla lilies that top the two-tier cake.

Delivered: July 7, 2012


Adele and Robert were expecting their first baby and had asked us to create a cake for the shower based on a stuffed penguin they were fond of. Since it was a summer party, we thought a penguin eating an ice cream cone was appropriate. As they were expecting a girl, the cake is set on a pink stage with white cake "sand." The "egg" is made of a fondant covered rice crispy treat.

Delivered: June 10, 2012


Wedding Dress

French Culinary Institute February 2012

Flowers and Butterflies

Melissa and Gabriel asked us to create their tiered wedding cake. It is decorated with sugar white calla lilies, roses, and butterflies. 

Delivered: June 30, 2012